Barlow Church of England School

Autumn 2015

Harvest Festival

We have celebrated Harvest Festival in St. Lawrence's Church this afternoon. The theme for each class came from words created from the letters in Harvest. Earth, Share, Eat and Starve were represented in the form of storytelling, readings and songs.

Collective Worship in church 2nd November 2015

The service in church on Monday 2nd November, 2015 was led by Father Peter,who told the story of the courageous Hannah Senesh, a young woman executed by the Nazis in 1944 for her role in an Allied mission to rescue Allied pilots andJews.

Here are the children's comments:

  • "It was about Hannah."
  • "We learnt that God wants us to show compassion and be kind to others."
  • "We learnt that God wants us to look after our friends."
  • "We learnt about the legacy left by someone very brave in the 2nd World War.
  • "I liked the story."
  • "I liked the song."
  • "It would have been better if we had had another song."

School Service November 2nd 2015 - 1

School Service November 2nd 2015 - 2